Me and My World™ Social Skills Teaching System

Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders changing lives since 1996

Me and My World
Social Skills Teaching System

Board Games and Curriculum
for Elementary through High School

Changing Children’s Lives One Game at a Time

Teach social skills with fun and engaging board games. Help children navigate through life with greater ease and success. Great for ALL children, but developed for children on the autistic spectrum, ADHD, and other neurological disorders. Proven effective with decades of hands-on testing.

Through these classes, we realized that board games helped the kids in many ways:

  • Taking Turns
  • Winning and losing
  • Sharing
  • Communication
  • And more!

Social skills are a must in order to succeed in this world. Unfortunately, this does not come naturally to a significant segment of the population. The Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders, founded in 1996, determined that the key to helping these children become more successful is giving them the tools need for positive peer interaction. The Joshua Center experts, which include teachers and school counselors, have spent years developing and perfecting the Me and My World™ Social Skills Teaching System.

Me and My World™ Online Social Skills Curriculum includes more than 80 lessons that are aligned with the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) National Standards for Students. Each lesson addresses a specific objective and includes several activities, a list of all supplies needed, suggested children’s stories and the assigned Me and My World™ Game Card Deck.

Players take turns reading a scenario from a card, then discussing what they think is the appropriate response, option or action, and then advancing their pawn and collecting Dragon Tears along the way. Reading the cards out loud creates an opportunity to explore how different people handle different situations in different ways; build empathy, and discuss how decision making and behaviors affect outcomes.

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Me and My World Sample Lesson

Me and My World™ Sample Lesson


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