Sliding into 2nd and 3rd Grade

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Will your child be graduating either the first or the second grades in May 2017? Did they not quite meet the social and grade expectations of teachers and or peers? Then, summer time is the perfect time to get them the extra help they need!  These classes will be taught by education professionals that know just what is expected in second and third grade, using our newly developed Slide Into 2nd and 3rd Grade Me and My World™ curriculum.

These classes do not take the place of the Saturday social skills classes, but will not only address 1st grade concerns, but will introduce specific expectations required for 2nd and 3rd grade success. Start planning your summer and enroll now! Prepare them to slide into 2nd or 3rd grade a step ahead of the game!

Summer Session 2017: June 20th – July 27th, Tuesday & Thursday from 11:30am – 12:30pm

Costs: Classes are $40.00 each time the student attends.

Location: Joshua Center Home Office Only

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Sliding into 2nd and 3rd Grade

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