Summer Camp - General Information

Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders changing lives since 1996
Summer Camp Goals

Each camper will have a traditional camp experience like children without disabilities.

Camper participates in similar activities found at traditional camp programs.

Campers will experience an environment where their symptoms are accepted.


  1. Camper will be supervised by well trained, supportive camp counselors and administrative staff.
  2. Campers will receive basic information about how their neurological symptoms may be different than others.
  3. Campers will participate in group activities that encourage acceptance by peers.

Campers will make lasting friendships.

Campers will be provided highly structured hands-on activities with many opportunities to develop positive peer interactions.

Campers will develop an understanding and appreciation for nature.


  1. Campers will participate in a minimum of two nature-related program activities.
  2. Campers will demonstrate respect for nature.
Joshua Center Camp

Summer Camp Staff Manual

You must complete the online camper registration. Please provide all information, including shot records. All online documents are submitted in a secure environment. All registrations must be received by May 15th. Each camp holds sixty campers.


The camp fee per camper is $650 for all campers. Camp fees may be paid with Visa, MC or by check. All fees must be paid in full by June 1st. Camp fees will only be refunded in case of an emergency due to illness, injury or death of a family member.

We understand that some children may have service dogs that help them through their days. The Joshua Center Camp is accredited through the American Camp Association, but not accredited for Service Dogs. Due to liability, we are not set up for Service Animals at our camp. If you feel that your child will not be able to attend camp without a service animal, then our camp is probably not the right fit for your child.

Camp Check In Details:

Due to liability concerns, all campers must be checked in at camp by parent or legal guardian.

We ask that you arrive and check-in based on your last name. This will allow us to quickly check-in the campers with less stress on the kids and parents.

First Session

Tourette Syndrome Camp

(Grades 5th – 11th)

Check-in Date – June 5th
A-H 9:30 am
I-R 10:00 am
S-Z 10:30 am

Second Session

Asperger Syndrome and Other Neurological Disorders

(Grades 5th – 11th)

Check-in Date – June 9th
A-H 9:30 am
I-R 10:00 am
S-Z 10:30 am

All Young Adult Camp (Only Young Adult Class Students) should arrive on June 5th at 8:00 am


Emergency Communication:

In the event of illness or serious injury, the first thing we will do is give your child first aid according to the information you submitted on the Joshua Center Camp Health Form. If our medical personnel deem it necessary to call 911 we will do that. Then we will notify the parents concerning the situation and the location of any medical facilities where your child will be taken. Prior to camp, if you have any questions or concerns, please call the Joshua Center offices at (816) 763-7605.

On camping days, call (816) 246-6311. ONLY CALL THIS NUMBER DURING CAMP.


Registration Deposit:

Parents must submit $100 non-refundable deposit with registration. The deposit applies to the total fee and must be submitted by May 15th or other arrangements must be made with the Joshua Center. Children in the metro area will be served first. Children outside the states of Kansas and Missouri will be offered the opportunity to participate if space is available. Out of town parents will be notified by May 15th if space is available. No flashlights please. The counselors will have them. Some like to bring something from home (snuggly toy) to sleep with.

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