Joshua Center Summer Camp

Camp Staff Training

The comprehensive Joshua Center Camp Staff Training Course is divided into two modules and includes a quiz. All Joshua staff members are required to carefully read both modules and complete the quiz.

Camp Staff Training Course Module 1

Camp Staff Training Course Module 2

Camp Staff Quiz

  • Module One

  • (See "The Impact on the Camp" Page 9)
  • (See "Agreeing on the Basics" Pages 15-16)
  • (See "Creating Structured, Yet Flexible Routines Page 22)
  • (See the section on "Communication Styles" starting on Page 27)
  • Module Two

  • (See "Maintaining Emotional Control" Pages 7-8)
  • (See "The Rage Stage" Page 11)
  • (See "Stuck Thinking and Obsessions" Page 16)
  • (See "Dealing with Teasing, Bullying and Discrimination" Page 28)
  • End of Quiz

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